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Deferred Compensation


Our retirement plan design and administration team provides a personalized approach to managing qualified retirement plans and medical plans. We act as a third-party administrator, handling all aspects of plan structure and implementation and managing day-to-day maintenance.


We are well-versed with the nuances of many qualified plans, including:

  • 401(k)
  • profit sharing
  • SEP
  • money purchase
  • defined benefit
  • ESOP

Our team also recognizes the intricacies of a variety of medical plans, including welfare, cafeteria, health reimbursement, and health savings accounts.


We effectively translate the complex regulations affecting plans, and we determine how these issues impact our clients. We work to make sure plans are in compliance and deadlines are met.


Saving for your retirement through tax advantaged accounts is a significant way to help keep what you earn. As your partner, we feel it’s our responsibility to work with your financial advisor to educate you about the various types of retirement planning strategies available. After selecting the best type of plan, we can implement a custom designed version of that plan around your company’s needs. As your third party administrator, we will keep your plan in compliance with labor and tax law.


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